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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

I saw the film and enjoyed it quite a bit (A-), but it is still not even close to the LOTR films.

I did see it in HFR/48fps - surprisingly our theater in our small town had the MAJORITY of screenings in HFR. It did not bother me at all - except in Ian Holm's 1st scene where he did look sped up - but after that it was flawless. Such an incredibly clear and detailed picture, just wow. I'll definitely look forward to seeing more films in HFR.

As for the film itself, I suppose I'm advantaged since I have not read the Hobbit. But I could certainly guess at which stuff was added.

Some positive standouts:
+ all the dwarves, loved all the characters, and good job of making them unique
+ Erebor, love seeing dwarf culture (plus dwarf girls) :-)
+ Martin freeman as bilbo
+ riddles scene, best in the film

Less than great standouts:
- the goblin king, too well spoken
- the cartoonish violence and physics when the dwarves are escaping the goblins
- the warg design (I prefer the Hyena wargs of LOTR)
- I was hoping for more from the score, other than the dwarf theme it all sounded too familiar for my liking

I will definitely try to catch this again in theaters.
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