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Re: Bussard Collectors could actually be useful at warp speed?

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I wouldn't call it a "baby warp drive" as it doesn't actually propel the ship FTL. It uses a specially tuned warp field to "compress" the plasma exhaust to provide higher thrust than it ordinarily would.
It does contain many of the same components and systems of a warp drive. It employs a fusion reactor vs a M/AM reactor (warp core). Both enclose the ship in a subspace field, lowering the ship's mass. Drive coils, and warp coils are basically the samething, both are what actually moves the ship. The output of plasma does provide some propulsion, but not much, it's largely used to power the system. On impulse, the Enterprise can accelerate at several hundred gravities, a fusion engine alone could produce a few gees at most. And exhaust all the ship's availible fuel in less than a minute.

Could this system move the ship at a lower warpspeed? I think the potential is there.

Otherwise it's pretty much a standard fusion engine.
No, there is a "standard fusion engine" at it's core. but the technology wrapped around that engine makes it very much nonstandard.

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