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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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^yep, I'm coming round to using the keys more, but they're still a pain for turning around quickly. Right-click mouse moving is so much faster for that. Just tricky to get used to.

I've now levelled to 10, and got my first companion. Combat is a LOT more fun once you get one; for the inquisitor, he tanks nicely, freeing me up to use my ranged force powers and you can start thinking about what to do instead. The class actually begins to make sense, and live up to its description. It's much more fun throwing lightning around from afar instead of having to do it up close & personal. I'm definitely going to choose Sorcerer, and large amounts of ranged damage, once I get the chance. I'm going to stick with this game for a bit longer.

Thanks for the advice/info re: all my questions earlier on.
A word of warning if you're going to spec for DPS: be prepared to struggle to find groups later on in the game. You'll find your services much more appreciated if you're a healer because there's always a shortage. It seems everyone and their aunt pick DPS.

For my Inquisitor (snarky female Zabrak btw) I picked Assassin because the stealth makes avoiding agro from random mobs so much easier. However, I've been speccing her as a tank with the Darkness tree, so it's a bit of an odd build.

As for levelling, yes, it's best if you do every bonus mission, Heroic and Flashpoint you can to stay ahead of the difficulty curve. The catch is that it can get VERY tedious, especially on the later planets like Alderaan, Tatooine etc. It really brings the narrative to a grinding halt. Right now I got so bored with it (plus I was struggling to find groups for that session) that I skipped over a bunch of Heroics on Alderaan, plus half the bonus questline on Nar Shadda just so that I can get on with the damn class story...problem is, even though I'm still (just) above the minimum level requirement, I can already feel the difficulty curve nipping at my heels. "Strong" enemies are way more trouble than they should be, while "Elites" & "Champions" and damn near impossible.

I'm not looking forward to going back to do the side-quest round up, just so I can level up enough to maintain parity. I'm the type of gamer that doesn't find grinding at all appealing.
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