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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Hi Bob,

Here is my analysis of the hallways directly connected to Rand's quarters. What is actually visible is less than I thought it would be. Probably less than a 3rd the length of the s1 curved corridor (which is quite less than the s2 corridor.)

1. She likely moved between "The Enemy Within" and "Charlie X". Her door signs are different ("3C 46" vs "3F 125"). In "Charlie X" there is a yellow door across the hall which was not present in the previous episode.
2. Kirk's walk to Rand's cabin in "The Enemy Within" is shot with a tight zoom in such a way there is no easy way to tell if there is any curvature.
3. In "Charlie X" there are some slight curvature cues starting at the door she exits from as she walks towards Charlie.
4. In "Charlie X" the wall and door across from her cabin are parallel and do not show any curvature.

That pretty much sums up the hallway(s) next to Rand's two different quarters.

Contrast this to "The Ultimate Computer"'s corridor where we can see everything about it, curvature and length, due to the camera traveling with the characters on a fairly wide zoom.

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