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Re: Which movie is most like a TOS episode?

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Have to agree with the others, The Final Frontier and The Motion Picture may be considered the least of the movies but they are the most like the original series. I've even considered for a while the idea that TMP works better as a "series finale" for TOS, than it does as the first movie (TWOK does that spectacularly).

Coming after the more cinematic Genesis trilogy, TFF is a tonal shift (lurch?), but viewed within the gestalt of the franchise, it does indeed feel most like a TOS episode.
But there is a reason why a movie is a movie and a TV show is a TV show. A Star Trek movie shouldn't feel like an episode of TOS or TNG, it should feel like a movie, it should have a more grandiose plot then a TV episode. That was one of the criticisms of Star Trek Insurrection it felt like a an episode rather then a movie.

If TMP and TFF are similar to TOS episodes, they are similar to the bad episodes, not the good ones.
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