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Re: Very iffy copy of 9 minute trailer

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I'll say it. Spock's interpretation of the Prime Directive is dumb. I'm assuming that these people are not member states of the Federation. Why does the Federation have any obligation to stop a natural disaster on this planet and risking crew and ship, besides emphasizing the fact that these people are the "good guys". Spock's there spouting off not revealing themselves at all, even preparing to sacrifice himself for the Prime Directive (after they've already seen Kirk and Bones, by the way), and yet at the same time Spock seems to think Starfleet and the Federation are the Galactic FEMA.

They better have a good reason why they're protecting this culture, like some politics or something, or I'll be really disappointed. The Enterprise being there doesn't make any sense with the Prime Directive in place, and right now it seems like it's there simply to set up the first action scene in the movie.

EDIT: And why can't this device be activated remotely anyway?
First off, the Prime Directive in instances of a genocidal nature is probably the most insanely assinine, stupid thing ever written. I totally get it and agree with the idea behind it for non-interference in developing cultures, but stopping a culture from dying is nowhere near a crime in my book. Though it makes it cool that they try to do it surreptitiously.

Also, the device can't be remotely activated because then we wouldn't have a cool scene of Spock trying to survive in an exploding volcano.
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