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Anyone check out Solaris? I thought it was slow, plodding and hard to sit through, and the subtitles didn't help, but it had a good story and excellent production values. I was also surprised at how similar it was to the 2002 version. A lot fo the scenes on the station were pretty much the same. This one also had a strong focus on the love story, something that was a complaint when the 2002 version came out.
Finally got around to watching it on the DVR. It's a good thing it had a break in the middle, because I needed to watch it in two parts. It was interesting, and I tried not to hold the slow pace against it, since that was clearly a deliberate artistic choice. Still, some parts of it did seem arbitrarily prolonged. I don't get the point of that endless driving sequence they did early on.

Nor did I understand the logic behind the transitions from color to black & white. Initially it was clear enough, to distinguish "now" footage from recorded or onscreen footage, but then it just became seemingly random whether a given portion was in color or monochrome. Then the second half was mostly in color except for the dream sequence and the penultimate Solaris flyover where Kris was voiceover-philosophizing, so that kind of made sense. But in the middle there, what the hey?

I liked the actress who played Hari, Natalya Bondarchuk. Not as lovely as Natascha McElhone from the 2002 version, but similar-looking. I wonder if McElhone was cast for her resemblance to Bondarchuk.
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