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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

I only spent $3 to see it in high frame rate. I went to the first matinee showing which was 8.00. I had a 5.00 off ticket from buying the Lord Rings EE Blu Rays (three free tickets!).

There were so many cool things in the movie I barely had time to geek over...
I loved that Radagast had tried bird shit coating the right side of his face, that he was obsessed over a dying hedgehog, that he rode on a sled of super fast rabbits, that's made up but it feels VERY Tolkein.
I loved the elaborate flashback battle scenes, which looked AMAZING at the high frame rate.
Azog made his camp on Weathertop!
My biggest geek moment was Radagast getting jumped by the Witch King and that brief awesome shot of the spectral form of the Necromancer. That looked awesome!
LOTR still looks awesome to this day, but you can clearly tell when a live action figure is overlaid on a bigature model. In this movie, in high frame rate, it was completely flawless. When the Company was running through Goblin Town, it looked absolutely real. It felt like a physical location.
Funny to see Elrond displaying a sense of humor. And Christopher Lee looked REALLY old and emaciated, he's definitely aged since LOTR.
It's nice they actually included a few songs this time. But I really missed the songs the goblins sing when they're stuck in the burning tree! The Lonely Mountain song was really haunting and well done.
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