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Re: Kerbal Space Program

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Man, I understand the reason that "wobble" is in the game, but they need to reduce it's effect. Makes building a large, graceful craft neigh impossible.
One weird thing about the latest update is that engine fairings make rockets look solid and cohesive, yet provide no structural support. This is particularly bad for the wide fuel tanks and engines, they wobble like crazy, and the only solution is to place struts across the fairings. In the old versions, it made some visual sense for rockets to wobble like that because it was literally just an engine on top of a decoupler, but in the new version it's just really dumb. Hopefully they'll fix it in the next version.

I'm really liking the unmanned probes, they're light and there's no expectation to plan for a return journey, I can see why NASA likes them so much more than manned missions. My current goal is to get a satellite to orbit and a lander to touch down on every world in the game. The difficult part is keeping track of all the launch-windows/orbital adjustments/intercepts, it's like rocket juggling.
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