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The Sona's condition as depicted in the film gets worse over time with the Admiral stating that most won't survive for even a decade. If this discovery can double the life span of mere humans, imagine what it could do for the Sona's condition.
Well, hm. The "condition" they have... they die of old age, like every fucking living thing in the entire universe.

Maybe to clarify things... do you think the metaphasic reaction collector thing at the end was supposed to be repeatable? My understanding is that it was a one time process, and then they would have bottled the collected particles and sold them, and then it would have been over, the entire planet rendered lifeless, and they would have had to harvest other places.
So its wrong for the Son'a to try and remove the Ba'ku from that planet, but its okay for the Ba'ku to remove the Son'a from the planet? How does that work?
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