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Re: Ancient Aliens

That is true depending on one's point of view, but to me - and I speak solely for myself here - I'd find news of microbial, plant or even some form of aquatic life on a world inside our solar system to be a stupendous and enthralling piece of news that I'd celebrate. Oh sure, it's not a sentient civilization that could attempt to intelligently communicate with the human race on Earth as equals or even our superiors, but alien life on another celestial body other than Earth would be very exciting and wondrous to me.

That all by itself would set the hardcore religious evangelicals to fuming and drooling because, to paraphrase the late Rev. Jerry Falwell when news about possible microbial fossils in the Martian meteorite was made public in 1996, "the only life in the universe is that we already know about and it's here on Earth, otherwise God would have told us. We are God's greatest creation and there's nothing science can tell us that a true Christian doesn't already know."

Even if the life form discovered were nothing more sophisticated than, say, primitive single-celled organisms living and reproducing beneath the ice sheets of the moon Europa it'd be more than enough to set off some of the religious conservatives in our society who don't like their narrow, rigid construct of how the universe works disrupted by something as wicked and dishonest as science. But no matter how crude or advanced the life form would be, I'd celebrate and cheer when it was discovered and made public knowledge.
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