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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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It's worth pointing out that these glib comparisons to old shows are just part of the TV-pitch vocabulary, a shorthand for conveying the genre the show belongs to, and shouldn't be taken as a literal indication that the creators intend to copy the specifics of the shows being referenced. For instance, Gene Roddenberry pitched Star Trek as "Wagon Train to the stars," because Wagon Train was a successful television show that had the kind of format and tone he wanted to emulate, and saying that was a quick-and-dirty way of conveying that to the network execs because they'd know what kind of show it had been. But ST was a very, very different show from Wagon Train.
As a veteran of countless sales conferences, marketing meetings, and pitch sessions, I'll cop to using this kind of shorthand all the time. Like Christopher says, it's a quick-and-dirty way to get an idea across to a room full of jaded sales reps . . .

"It's THE HUNGER GAMES with elves . . ."


"It's LES MISERABLES in space . . . ."

In reality, of course, those are usually wild over-simplifications of very interesting, complicated stories, but when you only have two minutes (or less) to present a pitch, you can't get into detail about the book's nuanced exploration of the social implications of genetic engineering, not to mention the heroine's complicated, morally ambiguous relationship with her undead clone . . . .

"It's like BLADE RUNNER, but with vampires."

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