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If somebody wants to prove the existence of alien civilizations and life, these kind of discredited conspiracy theories being pushed by guys like Dr. Richard Hoagland are not the way to go. The truth is probably going to be a helluva lot more fantastic than some dusk or twilight shadows being cast on an ancient rock formation and turning the whole thing into a huge ink blot test for conspiracy theorists.
Actually, I kind of think the truth is likely to be LESS fantastic and sort of esoteric, the sort of thing that drives a lot of excitement in molecular biology or astronomy circles but the average person only gets because Jay Leno makes a couple of jokes about "Well they found aliens on that planet... apparently it's microscopic bacterial life forms. We don't think they're hostile, but just in case, NASA's stockpiling hand sanitizer in preparation for the coming war." Nobody laughs, but they get the idea.
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