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Re: Is Zom-poc/post-apoc the genre for misanthropes?

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Are any of your "preppers"? Are you also Poc fans? Do you know any? Would they, if they were honest, agree with what I said?
1. Yes
2. NO
3. Yeah too many
4. I would say the Christians/Racists are the worse but they are the minority. One of the thing about prepping is you find out you are not alone and that forming a group/community is essential for survival. What I find weird is that there aren't many generalist. It's either they are prepping for some extreme natural disaster (flood, mega quake, mega volcano) or plague or nuclear war or the economic collapse of society. Honestly your chance of surviving something that big is close to ZERO even if you are prepared. I know some "zombie" preppers. Real nice people with a good attitude and always open to suggestion.

Me I prepp for the small things, blizzards, power outages, epidemics stuff that require you to survive for less than 3 weeks.
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