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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

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I think i'll just stick with the 2D, 24fps version thanks. I'd rather be able to enjoy the beauty of the sets, scenery, and FX rather than being distracted by cinematic tricks.

Not to mention saving myself a few bucks.
Have you seen it or are you just mindlessly repeating the bias?

Because you can enjoy the sets, scenery and FX much better in HFR. Just saying.

There were many shots where it looked normal, even though in HFR. And when Bilbo took the ring, I also thought "now it looks "normal"". So I guess if you blur the footage a bit, it would look like a sharp 24fps image and "cinematic" again.

This is the first HFR film, they will get the hang of it soon enough.
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