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But there's no way billions of people benefit from the radiation if they actually have to travel to the Briar Patch. And the effects wear off after you leave.
BillJ is right. Gathering the special properties from the ring was not intended to recreate the rejuvenation effect 100% like it is on the planet, but to help advance current medical treatments. The admiral himself said that with this research, medical science can double life spans, not make people immortal.

This is important for many reasons.
  • The Sona's condition as depicted in the film gets worse over time with the Admiral stating that most won't survive for even a decade. If this discovery can double the life span of mere humans, imagine what it could do for the Sona's condition.
  • Probably the biggest issue that's only vaguely mentioned is that the Federation is at WAR. A war in which very bright individuals were convinced we were actually going to lose. If the Federation had this medical expertise that can increase someone's life span, I'd say you have a bargaining chip to get more systems onto your side.
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