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Ultimate Minecraft Full Size 1701-A Project

A year or so ago I put together a model of the 1701-A Enterprise in Minecraft. Fun though that was, it was a very static model and the scale was too squished to fit everything in properly.

Since then I have been getting into a mod for Minecraft called Tekkit. In short, it makes it possible to achieve things such as;

- Ship-wide electrical systems.
- Working transporters.
- Working shields.
- Working replicators.
- Pumps, pipes, and all sorts of fun stuff.

This has lead to the slightly crazy idea of making a new Enterprise model with a fully functional ship-wide electrical grid + associated gubbins.

Now, it is generally accepted that the Minecraft blocks are 1m cubes. I however am beginning to doubt this scale, because with a 305 block long Enterprise there's barely room to even stand up in the Bridge module and you can only fit 5 or 6 decks in the saucer section. So, I've instead gone for a scale that allows me to fit all the wires, pipes, etc into the design - 500 blocks long.

Here's how it looks;

Including the Bridge, a scale of 500 blocks allows enough room for 8 full decks with valuable space for lighting circuits.

The turboshafts also properly align with the bumps (currently holes) on the top of the bridge dome now;

Internal bridge scale;

Corridors, with lighting circuits hidden behind ceiling panels;

I'm currently working on Main Engineering, or the Intermix Room... not sure what to refer to it as actually

Question for any super tech geeks here... where would you expect the power for ship lighting to come from? I currently have it cabled up to the rear end of the horizontal intermix core, behind where the nacelles connect to it.
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