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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

I've started playing this shortly after it was released as FTP, and I'm loving it. It's very rich in atmosphere and I love the orchestral score while playing. The storytelling is definitely its strong point.

I'm a Level 24 Jedi Knight, having just gotten to the asteroid planet, and I have to say, I feel this game's actually pretty easy in terms of MMOs, and I've played many. When I beta-tested Aion, I felt that was a pretty hard game that would easily give you a smack down if you weren't prepared for what was ahead. This in comparison feels like a walk in the park.

The trick is to do all the quests on each planet that are available, including the bonus ones. I don't even find the bonus ones to be that bad as they're grouped along with their main quest, but they do give good xp when completed, especially if it's a bonus quest attached to an item to be dropped off at a dropbox. I even stuck around for the bonus questline on Taris, as I admit I'm an odd man out on this one, but I actually liked Taris quite a bit. There was a sense of discovery to it as you explored every different part to it. Nar Shadaa in comparison felt too much like Coruscant to me. If the pattern holds, I think I'll be liking the outdoor landscapes more than the metropolises.

That said though, I think I might be in need of some help to defeat the Sith on the asteroid planet. Name's Dranthon on Jedi Covenant.

As for moving around, I just use WASD.
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