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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Okay, done with the Steiner disc now ("Elaan of Troyius," "Spock's Brain," and library cues from both). It's wonderful to have these two fantastic Steiner scores at last. I think I'm going to have to reassess which of my speakers are higher-quality, though, since "Battle Music" from "Elaan" sounded better on my computer speakers than on the Bose Wave thingy in my bedroom, which I'd been led to understand was a high-quality device. Maybe it's just getting old; it's a hand-me-down.

Anyway, the cue list for "Elaan" is funny, since Steiner had to come up with so many different synonyms for Elaan's mood -- "Elaan is Annoyed," "Peevish Elaan," "Elaan Angry," "Elaan's Temper."

One oddity about "Spock's Brain," though -- there are several cues where you can faintly hear someone (Steiner?) talking right at the end, at one point even before the music has faded altogether. Somebody was getting a little lax there at the studio.

"Caveman Fight" is an interesting cue for Steiner, because it sounds more like a Gerald Fried composition.

Was "Operation Spock" used in the episode? I can't remember whether there was music under the entire surgery sequence.

On the last track on Disc 2, the "Kara Motif" rehearsal, that's not Gene Roddenberry's voice calling out the take numbers, is it? I doubt he would've done that himself, certainly not in season 3. So it's probably just someone with a similar voice.
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