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Re: Did the Auto-destruct partially malfunction in TSFS?

Yeah, different modes of self-destruct.

As in TMP, the antimatter can be released for an uncontrollable explosive result. Not a designed self-destruct, but rather a result of removing all safeties regarding the ship's antimatter.

There's the "Destruct Zero" scenario, seen in TSFS, which is evidently a controlled self-destruct. Perhaps intended to scuttle a ship or to prevent capture. A method designed to affect the ship itself and not inflict damage elsewhere. As mentioned, Kirk would be needing the nearby Bird of Prey intact.

There's the "Destruct One" option, designed to cause maximum damage to the ship and everything else in the area. Perhaps a combination of on-board charges and explosive overloads and antimatter containment shutdowns, all sequenced for maximum damage and destruction.
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