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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Well, it's not as if Matlovsky's stuff would've really translated well to other contexts. It was very offbeat.

Just finished "Spectre of the Gun"/"The Paradise Syndrome." Once again I'm used to the Bremner suite arrangements of these and it's interesting to note the differences.

I'm surprised by how tight the edits between cues in the same track are on "Paradise." Instead of letting one fade out before the other starts, they overlap. Were they all blended like that in the episode? It sure doesn't seem it was done for length, since the disc runs only 64-ish minutes. I think that even if they were overlapped in the episode, I'd prefer to have them discrete on the album. Certainly it would make things easier for those who wanted to reconstruct tracked scores or create their own.
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