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ENTER: TV/Media Avatar Contest: Bad (and Good) Santas

Thanks again to everyone who voted for my Calvin avatar in the last contest.

In the spirit of the season, this week's contest is "Bad (and Good) Santas." Pictures of characters dressed up as Santa Claus (or accepted variations thereof: Father Christmas, Sinterklaas, St. Nicholas, etc.).

Given the subject, I'm accepting Sci-fi and fantasy entries this time around.

The only real rules (other than the standard ones about size, etc.) are that:
1. It has to be a character from a work of fiction. No pictures of real people (ex: Mr. T as the White House Santa with Nancy Reagan in the 80s is out; a random person on the street dressed as Santa is out).

2. It has to be a character dressed up as Santa and NOT the character of Santa himself. So, for example, Artie Lange in "Elf" is okay. Ed Asner in "Elf" is not. Tim Allen in the "Santa Clause" is out in that he was turning into Santa Claus.
I'm anticipating taking entries until Wednesday night (US EST) and then setting up the voting to conclude over next weekend.

Thanks and good luck!
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