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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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^ Maybe there really are concerns about his arm and knee?
Not in any tangible sense. Dickey is a unique case in that he was born without his UCL, so there really aren't any case studies about his longevity. Despite being 38, it is entirely possible and I would say probable that he pitches well into his mid-40s, given that the knuckleball is a relatively low-stress pitch.

In any event, there were never any concerns about his health until the press suddenly "learned" about them after his behavior at the team holiday party. Connect the dots.

As for his contract: RA's said that he doesn't want to leave the Mets. So I admit I do wonder why he didn't ask his agent to accept whatever contract they offered him.
Because the Mets' offer was insultingly low for a guy who has had three consecutive lights-out seasons and is the reigning Cy Young winner? The dude is 38 and this is his one chance to get a big payday and secure his family's finances for a long time to come. There's no reason he should just take whatever lowball the Mets give him.
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