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Re: Starfleet Marine Corps

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Exactly why they are a pretty good analogy to Marines or Air Cavalry today: such forces possess no real fighting vehicles
Attack helicopters, armored fighting vehicles, and I believe the Marines still have their own tanks.

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Then you brought it up for no reason ...
I disagree and maintain my original assertion, if the species who formed the Federation wished to include in it's charter guarantees on civil rights, they could.

Might the guarantees include the items and language similar to the UDHR? If the Members wanted it too.

an obvious inconsistency
Sci, I have two clear unambiguous references to the Federation being a alliance.

That the Federation is a not-sovereign-state that just so happens to possess all of the traits that define sovereign states
The Federation also has a Membership that engaging in separate foreign policy, which a "sovereign state" wouldn't. Face it, the Federation has a few (but not all) the attributes of a state.

If you accept evidence from the episode Yesteryear, the individual Members exchange ambassadors directly with each other. Sarek is a "full blown" ambassador and was assigned to this duty.

In the 'for what it's worth" column, in the comic Countdown, Jean Luc Picard was the Federation ambassador to Vulcan.

Within the Federation, it sound like the Members are the sovereign powers.

... or that Kirk and Daniels are not speaking accurately?
No, it sounds like they were speaking accurately, clearly, and with forethought, when they both employed the descriptive term "alliance."

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