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Re: Replicator Economics

Except on Earth, where a handful of cadets were able to black out the planet from a single location in Lisbon. While I could easily see someone like Robert Picard having his own fusion generator, most people on Earth apparently don't.
I'd see that as a global software attack rather than proof of any sort of a centralized power system. No doubt networking in the future is extensive enough that with suitable commands (especially ones coming from systems designed to prevent such commands from ever being issued), one could shut down everything from continental ZPE reactors to pocket replicators, wrist communicators and UT implants.

..the only time we directly heard of someone being "out of work" was Picard's not son.
Which I'd in turn see more as a case of work being highly unusual, hence being out of work despite not wanting to be being even more rare and exotic. An unemployment rate of 98% would be the desired state of affairs, save for the boredom angle which people would fight with hobbies such as terraforming.

Timo Saloniemi
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