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Re: Replicator Economics

SattyClaus wrote: View Post
Maybe every home has a mini fusion plant in the basement.
Except on Earth, where a handful of cadets were able to black out the planet from a single location in Lisbon. While I could easily see someone like Robert Picard having his own fusion generator, most people on Earth apparently don't.

Lighthammer wrote: View Post
One thing you have to keep in mind about the Federation is its generally an idyllic socialist like society.
The entire Federation? Not from anything we heard on the show.

Earth has been described as a paradise, however it's social and political structure is unclear. It's impossible to label it as "socialist."

Lighthammer wrote: View Post
The problem is there is a limit as to how far one form of matter can be resequenced from one form of matter into another form.
If you wanted to make Osmium (a very dense material) out of liquid water, you would have to change it's atomic weight from 18 to 190. If you started with iron however, you'd "only" have to change from 56 to 190.

Now if you needed a metric tonne of Osmium, and you were using the bussard collector to collect interstellar gas to use as your base material ...

Timo wrote: View Post
because that would leave 100% of the UFP population out of work, rather than just the 98% they have
Admittedly the subject didn't always come up, but the only time we directly heard of someone being "out of work" was Picard's not son. Every other time when employment was mentioned, the person was.

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