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Should the alliance membership wish to draw up a charter that include guarantees on civil rights, something like the UDHR* ... they could.

* The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Is a treaty subject to sovereign state ratification, not a Constitution.
I never said anything about a constitution, or a treaty.
Then you brought it up for no reason, because it does nothing to rebut my point that alliances do not have Constitutions that guarantee civil rights for people in a sovereign territory the way the Federation does.

Although the member world governments would likely have had to ratify the charter at some point.

Meaning at this point you're just making up.
Well, I wouldn't use the word shit.
I'm sorry to hear that as an adult, you get so concerned about a single syllable that's commonly used as a synonym for "stuff."

I'm exploring a fictional universe Sci, it's a universe with rules. One of the agreed upon rules has to do with what's called "canon."
No. You're just making things up in order to justify an obvious inconsistency.

Like it or not Sci, twice the Federation was blatantly referred to as a alliance.
And like it or not, the actual depiction of the Federation in numerous episodes and films has been as a polity that possesses its own sovereignty and authorities that no alliance could possibly possess and still be just an alliance.

At a certain point, an alliance that has none of the limitations of an alliance and all of the powers of the state is simply no longer an alliance -- no matter how you try to justify it.

Picard in "Peak Performance" claimed that the Federation Starfleet is not a military. This is absurd -- the Federation Starfleet possesses all of the legal traits of a military, including a system of courts-martial. So when the preponderance of evidence says that Starfleet is a military, which is more likely -- that Starfleet is a not-military that just so happens to possess all of the traits that define a military, or that Picard was not speaking accurately?

Which is more likely: That the Federation is a not-sovereign-state that just so happens to possess all of the traits that define sovereign states, or that Kirk and Daniels are not speaking accurately?
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