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Re: Is Zom-poc/post-apoc the genre for misanthropes?

I never did much care for all this zombie crap. It's all the same - zombie apocalypse breaks out, everyone either dies or becomes a zombie (or both), end of show or film. By definition, zombie shows and films can never end well, so I don't like 'em.

The only exception is Philip Nutman's novel Wet Work. I would love to see this filmed. The difference in this one is, there are different 'stages' of dead, if that makes any sense. Some of the zombies are slow (and dumb), some are fast (and still dumb), and some even retain their full intelligence, consciousness and personality - they are, basically, just like living people; except, well, they eat brainz and all that. These smart zombies even take over the government, which they rename the 'United States of Hell'.
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