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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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The same TV and movies - glorifying violence -, the same shoot'em up video games are being watched/played in Australia and the other countries with strict gun control.
They DO NOT translate into mass shootings.
THIS. In spades.

books/games/music/comics have always been easier targets that sell papers. End of.

In Australia and the other countries with strict gun control, certain guns being illegal DOES NOT translate into every loser who wants to shoot people because he's depressed being able to get his/her hands on one via the black market.

As such, both of these arguments are obviously fallacies, merely empty rhetoric whose purpose is to avoid addressing the real problem: the ubiquity/easy access to assault guns/high-capacity magazines/etc in the USA.
Australia isn't the US though- there's a lot more unregistered weapons available there. I don't believe it'd be physically possible to eliminate them from the US.

At the very least, though, they really need to *control*the guns more - following at least the pre-ban models of the UK/Australia/japan etc with licensing, fitness checks, etc. Even that would make a huge difference.

But I can't see it happening in a country where interest groups block even minor legislation to track the resale of weapons previously used in crimes, as if that somehow translates to "they're taking our toys away!"
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