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I only bought a dog...but so many years later I lost a companion who knew how to cheer me up when I was down, who kept me active and on my toes, made me laugh constantly and gave affection from a seemingly endless supply. I'm going to miss her constant need to be in physical contact with me...she had a habit of sleeping on my toes when I was using the computer. I'll miss her "guarding" me when I was vulnerable while showering (I always figured she had seen Psycho). I'll miss her offering to share her treats with me. I guess that was my privilege as the alpha male.

This dog helped me survive a terrible marriage, and she was the only thing I cared to fight for in the divorce.
Sorry for your loss.

You just summed up my relationship with my dog, right down to the divorce part. I thought it was a perfectly find marriage until she one day out of the blue said she was leaving. I later found out she had something lined up. We had two dogs. She kept the one that gravitated towards her, and vice versa. I just wanted the damned thing over as quickly and painlessly as possible, so I didn't fight it.
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