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I don't remember Turbo being that bad. It did introduce Hilary Shepard Turner as Divatox, one of the best Power Rangers villains ever. And it had the advantage over the first movie of actually being in continuity, even though it ignored/overwrote some plot threads from the end of Zeo. Plus, the movie budget let them build sets and equipment that they could then use on the show, so Turbo the series looked better because of the movie.

I DVRed the Samurai Christmas episode, which was another clip show, so I fast-forwarded through most of it. There was some nice-ish material with Bulk & Spike visiting Master Ji, though. It kind of gave them the sendoff and recognition for their efforts at heroism that they didn't get in the finale.

It's odd how many installments this season have been shown out of order -- the series premiere was delayed for a year, the (alleged) RPM crossover was made as part of the Super Samurai season but aired before it began, and now the Christmas episode comes along a week after the series finale. It rather undermined the viewing experience -- not that it was such a great experience to begin with.
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