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Superboy Season 2

So it's been six years since Warner Brothers first released "Superboy" Season 1 on DVD (June 2006), and now through their Archive Collection, Warner has released Season 2.

I must say, I'm enjoying this series about Superman in his youth a whole lot better than any single season or episode of "Smallville", and before the DVD's I had never seen a single episode. I guess, in a way, "Superboy" is an "All-New" series, even though it was aired between 1988 and 1992; from 1992 to 2005 the various rights to the series, including the broadcast rights, were held up in various lawsuit, and as such the series has not been in syndication since the summer of 92.

But the Season 2 video is really vibrant. Even though this is prepared as a MOD release, I wonder if Warner created some new transfers from the original film masters, or else back in the 90's the film masters must've been transferred to a digital tape before being put into the Viacom/Paramount vault.

Anyway, aside from having Michael J. Pollard, who is the most annoying Mr. Mxyzpytlyk, Superboy really soars. (There are no bonus features on this release, but since these are DVD-r releases, bonus features weren't expected.)
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