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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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I don't know about how Western people think about life, but I'm an Asian irl. Maybe I'm not idealistic enough to understand the idealistic Trek's Earth Society like the other's do. Because what I know is a workable society and a not workable one. And I believe that the Trek's idealistic Earth Society is not workable. Because it would cause stagnation to the Human society. Without competition, how would humanity improve?
I'm Asian also, but I believe that Trek's idealistic Earth Society is doable, it just will take alot of work, many decades or centuries of education, and probably alot of blood shed between people in power and those not in power.

I think it can happen, just not easily. Breaking away the current socio economic / education mindset will take a long time to do, but it'll have to start at some point.
an Asian, and Kamen Rider fan? Nice to see you here.

I think a country like Trek's Earth model is do-able. But... with those lazy people who just enjoy luxury and leisure life, and only some virtues people choose to work for the community, I don't know how this country will develop.

I think what Brainsucker may not take into consideration that civilization as we know it... especially for a technologically developed age as we live in today, requires VERY FEW people to actually work and drive technology forward at faster rates - because most jobs are unproductive to society as is and only serve to 'move money around' for the sake of monetary based economy - actual production is automated/mechanized to a large degree (and we can automate so much more with existing technology alone).
Well yes, there are only a handful of inventors who successfully develop new technologies. And what jobs are unproductive to society as is only serve to "move money around? Tell me some example of it! Gambling den? Whore House? Oh yes, You're right. Banking system? Trading (export - Import) ? Manufacture (clothes? electronic? vehicle? cigarette (oh for Cigarette, I agree with you, it is unproductive for society))

You know, the drive of monetary based economy is capitalism. Well, maybe it has many flaw, but with capitalism, there are competition. And with competition, ideas and innovation are born. Apple won't develop I-pad, I-Phone, etc, if it's not because of monetary reason. Our cars won't be like we know today if there is no monetary reason from the producers. The industries would be the same as 19th century if there is no monetary reason to improve it. It is not because they are too greedy like the Ferengi (although still greedy), but because of the competition. They improve, and innovate because they want to become better than their competitors.

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