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Voyager AV contest: Q & the Grey/Below Decks/Winter Wonderland

We are ... full ... of ... win!!!

We have our winners for the Voyager AV contest, who get the coveted golden Janeway blend coffee cups!

Episode - Caretaker:

Little Miss Christmas(Miss Lemon) wins with Paris playing peekaboo.

Theme - Harry's Women:

jinglebellrok(lurok) wins with Harry's falling for a terrorist elf and getting shot down almost literally.

Random - Santa Claus:

Little Miss Christmas(Miss Lemon) & Santa Grinch (R. Star) have to share a cup! Apparently badass Santas are de riguer this season!

Star Grinch (R. Star), myself, and Santa JiNX(JiNX-01) all get to share a tasty leola root wafer for coming in second!

Episode - The Q and the Grey - Because I always think of costume dramas when I think of Q. Doesn't everyone?

VOY Theme - Lower Decks - Because redshirts need love, too!

Random Theme - Winter Wonderland - This is anything winter related but no X-mas, Hanukkah or holiday themes.

As always standard rules apply, no larger than 150x150. Newcomers are welcome, and please feel free to ask any questions!

NOTE: The Episode and Random themes were selected by those of us who came in second because, well, because there was a small coup. Vive la Revolucion!
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