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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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Such as? What else could someone use as a means of destruction that would have the same fatality rate as a gun?
Are you kidding? Does the name Timothy McVeigh ring a bell?
The figures prove Kelthaz right - specifically, the frequency and number of victims of such killings in countries with tight gun control (China, European countries, etc) when compared with countries with almost no gun control (such as SUA).

The punchline would be - both the frequency and number of victims are MUCH higher in SUA/countries with loose gun control.

Statistics along those lines are easy to find. Feel free to check them out (although I suspect you don't want to confront these facts because you really don't like their inevitable conclusion).

All your rhetoric or bias can't change these figures.
And the mental health care "proposals" are but weak attempts to obfuscate said figures.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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