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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

Very impressed with this, only the pacing was a distraction at points. Going from a tad slow (but not bothersome slow), to dwarfs running around killing goblins with so much happening all at once it's kinda distracting.

The biggest deal for me, was Christopher Lee. I almost choked on some tears. For those who saw the BAFTA's about two years ago... Lee was given an award, and when he came on stage, he was so fragile, so thin. Sometimes struggling to find the right word. To see him on screen again, so full of life and energy.... Amazing.

Gollum.... what to say..... The effects for Gollum where already stunning in LOTR, this was just out there. And Andy's performance. Hilarious, he got the most laughs in the theater we saw it at.

If there is one thing that bothered me every now and then, it was the lack of an original score. I understand that for some parts, using the same score as used in the LOTR movies make things recognizable. But it also felt slightly... lazy, perhaps?? Not sure what word to use. It still is a great score, don't get me wrong.
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