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Re: MLP:FiM S3 Episode 7 "Wonderbolts Academy": Grading and Discussion

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However, as much as I enjoyed the scene with RD saving her friends I really wish they had no involvement beyond the opening. The rescue scene could have worked just as well with the other recruits. This was supposed to be RD's story and the rest of the mane 6 seemed to be just interfering. Everytime they cut away I just groaned because the story wasn't about them it was about RD.
I liked it. One of the things I hated about season 2 was how it ignored the group for the purposes of most episodes. I'm glad to see the stories are back to including all the mane 6 whenever possible.

Plus Pinkie was great this week.
But what exactly did they contribute to the story aside from being a something for RD to save? They didn't provide her with guidance or have any impact on the story. They were just things to be used to fill up screen time and serve as plot devices. There is no reason the cadets couldn't have filled the same role , proving Rainbow Dash with a great moment to bond with her teammates by standing by them over LD. The time wasted on Pinkie could have been used to show her return to Ponyville and give us a clue on what the future holds for her.

Pinkie's abandonment issues were overdone, she became extremely annoying and she's one of my favorites. Why is this first time we've seen this borderline obsessive behavior? She never acted like this when Applejack and Rarity went on a trip, hell she didn't give a shit when Spike ran off, twice. You can't even say Pinkie likes RD more or something because she didn't stay at her bedside 24/7 when RD was in the hospital. I love Pinkie Pie but this was her at her most irritating.
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