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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

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Movies don't look "cinematic" anymore anyways. Digital cameras and digital color grading, all that stuff ruined that long time ago.
While I don't agree, you do bring up a good question:

Are digital cameras LESS cinematic than film? There's no grain, which is something we are used to... Is Avatar LESS cinematic than Flight of the Navigator?

Is film stock MORE cinematic?
What they don't tell you is that they can ADD "grain" in the post-production, and often do.

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That Den of Geek quote is hilarious. It's the typical rant you hear every single time something new is introduced.
And your response is the typical reply you hear every time someone doesn't fall down and worship "the new thing"...

Sometimes "newer" is not "better", and unbroken things are best left unfixed.

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This thread about revelations in TNG-HD should put that Den of Geek thing into perspective for some. Higher resolution, and you can suddenly see bad prosthetics and zippers and carpet seems and stuff. Some would argue that it takes you totally out of the film, and that it's devilry.
Because such things DO take you out of the film. Prosthetics and costumes and sets are designed with full knowledge that things look different on film than they do in real life. They COUNT on that to be able to get a realistic look out of a certain type of construction. The prosthetics, etc aren't "crappy", they're designed to be lit and filmed a certain way.

HFR takes that tool out of the filmmaker's toolbox by changing the underlying assumptions about how things appear in the final product.

It's easy for you to "armchair produce" and simply tell them "do it better". How do you propose to artificially build a place like Minas Tirith (or the interiors of the Enterprise, to name another example) to real-life levels of realism as opposed to photorealism and not spend a couple of billion bucks even attempting it?

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There are very very very very very very very few internet reviewers I can stand. It's one reason to hate the technology that enables humans to record themselves and post it on the web. Just because its possible, doesn't mean we want to hear your opinion. No matter how sarcastically you deliver it.

So, yes. I mostly avoid internet movie reviewers.
Like posting on BBSes one might say...

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