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Open-mindedness to fabrication, lies, wishful thinking and rumor is crap.

Open-mindedness in the face of real evidence is a virtue.
the infamous cat box image means nothing to me. this was even talked ab out o nthe news that day and a msnbc poll found more people than not believed the face is real and this was found to be a photoshop in itself plus it seems JPL, run by the infamous Mike Mallen himself, waiting just right for a hazy day on Mars, bad sun angle,[....]I could be standing in the middle of time square, butt naked, with 2 real live aliens next to me and all that, but those folks won't believe anything unless suddenly Obama or some other authority figure (ironic we keep calling the, liars, except for this area....a bit odd, I think) comes on TV and says, "My fellow Americans, we are not alone"
Castellan, sorry to tell you, but you don't have an open mind.
It's quite the opposite - you're a true believer:
The evidence you presented proves absolutely nothing (just to name some examples: the photo is clear - no hazy day, bad angle, whatever; wild conspiracy theories; you have no aliens to present; etc).
Despite this, you behave as if your asserted claims are, beyond the shadow of a doubt, true and correct.

Meaning, you unbendingly believe something is true without proof. That's called faith, NOT open-mindedness.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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