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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

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I've read them, and the impression I get that is being said is that it no longer looks filmed, it looks too realistic with the lack of blurring, and that that also causes some folks headaches and vertigo. I can certainly understand a complaint about headaches and vertigo, but, I never thought I'd see a complaint in Film's never ending quest to look more lifelike to end up causing a complaint of too lifelike
In case no one has said this yet, that is EXACTLY the problem. Filmmakers depend on a certain loss of image quality to help them "sell" sets and costumes. Things look one way in real life and another on film.

So those wooden walls painted to look like stone or metal? Look like wooden walls with paint, not stone or metal. Hence "fake". Those plastic trees you're using for set decoration? Look like plastic trees. Hence "fake".

Older TV shows that have recently been rescanned or upconverted for Blu Ray have similar problems. Witness classic Trek, for example.

HFR projection will make movies hideously more expensive to produce as sets and costumes will have to be constructed to a "real world" standard of quality. A whole new set of design techniques will have to be used in order to restore the "vertias" of the filmed image.

Or they can just keep cranking out films that look like cheesy film sets and piss off audiences even more than they are now.
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