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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

Wow, fast and long reply. Thanks Deks. I'll read it more. But after I read Whorfin's post

@Whorfin :
Not necessarily, I was just pointing out that when a human is stating something to another human in Trek and using the term "we" (etc.) it doesn't mean that he speaks for all species or cultures. The UFP is more than Terra or its human descendants, they are just a highly influential, populous segment. The UFP is a confederation of individual worlds, as such it is more akin to the European Union or the United Nations than it is to a sovereign nation, such as the United States of America: the members sometimes don't agree and are very different from each other.
So, according to you UFP is a kind of United Nations type of organization and not United State type of Government? Interesting. Because as far as I know, Federation means the unity of many states type of Government just like USA, not inter countries community like United Nations.

If, UFP is an inter planetary community just like United Nations, then it is a fragile organization that has no authority or the sovereign of a country. Looks at how fragile the UN in RL. They can't even do anything to Syria just because Russia and China vetoed to. And... a United Nations type of organization wouldn't use Federation as their name. They would simply use United Planets, not United Federation of Planets.

To current human nature and all its inherited baggage. Not to human nature after a century or two with no want or need, not to mention social engineering towards the rational goal of avoiding a repetition of the global mistakes that had nearly wiped humanity out once or twice. Gene Roddenberry believed that humanity is perfectible, and he consciously intended the humans in TNG to be more "perfect" than those in TOS, to the chagrin of many of the staff writers. Whether you think its possible or not the people in Star Trek, in general, are intended to be less selfish and more altruistic than us.

In general, individuals depicted as being greedy in Trek generally aren't the heroes, with the possible exception of Quark and his associates. Normally they are villains or obstructions to the eventual solution of a problem.
Well yes, Greed, dream, ambition, etc. The word of "greed" is definitely has negative notion while dream and ambition has more positive one. Greed means that you want more and more, while ambition is a destination that you want to reach.

After re-thinking about the Trek's type of Earth Society, I think that it is possible to be realized. What they need are a new type of doctrine to brainwash the human society on Earth, and propaganda machine that make them believe that the system is right. It just like what happen to the Earth in Medieval Era. Where church was very dominant in the society, and force the society to believe in God. Well, it worked, although it was not perfect.

The difference is that the medieval era people were stupid and poor; they were brainwashed with preaching and the fear of God. While the Earth Society in Trek are matured and smart. They are brainwashed with leisure and idealistic ideology. But... I suspect that this kind of society has one weakness. It is the competitive environment.

If people "choose" to work rather than "need" to work, then only some of them would CHOOSE to work. The other would prefer to enjoy the luxury life and become unemployed. And because it is a choice without reward, then the competitive environment would vanish.

I don't know about how Western people think about life, but I'm an Asian irl. Maybe I'm not idealistic enough to understand the idealistic Trek's Earth Society like the other's do. Because what I know is a workable society and a not workable one. And I believe that the Trek's idealistic Earth Society is not workable. Because it would cause stagnation to the Human society. Without competition, how would humanity improve?
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