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Re: Diana Muldaur (Dr. Pulaski) on TNG

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I've heard stuff from her and about her form the past and it mostly wasn't very positive.
Well, she wasnt as close to the actors as the rest was. They were friends and she wasnt friends with any of them. It seems to me that she was just doing a job as an actor there. She only felt closer to Micheal Dorn. She thinks, her salary maybe was a problem, since she got a higher one than the other regulars, even tho she just got the part on the show.

The main reason for her to say yes to the job was Gene Roddenberry and that she loved working with him. And after he died and the way the studio handled that matter (she claims, Roddenberry's office was cleared pretty much right after his death), she didnt liked working there anymore. It seems, she really disliked the production side of TNG and the people involved into the production of the show, and she did not want to work with them anymore.

But she felt, that TNG really represented the heart of Star Trek and the philosophy. But one of the most important things was for her, that her work on TNG gave her the job on L.A. Law, because the producers looked at footage from her there.

It seems to me, that Muldaur was too much influenced by the athmosphere on the production/writing side of TNG and that she wasnt able to connect to the main actors and be friends with them like the rest, so she could compensate that negative, rough athmosphere behind the camera.

That's what I get from what she says (especially the interview from the TV-Archive).
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