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Re: TNG: Silent Weapons by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Finished the book this morning. While I thoroughly enjoyed the ongoing Typhon Pact political shenanigans and the rapid pace of the Breen's so-called master plan, I was a bit disappointed by the Breen's endgame. All of this was for a salvage operation of a new type of propulsion? The Breen really need to get over that obsession, especially since they trashed their espionage program with the Soong-type androids for the sake of that obsession. As others have already mentioned, they could have much easily have stolen the slipstream schematics with the Soong-type androids without all of their grandstanding and at the risk of losing their espionage program or their alliance with the Gorn.

That all being said, I loved the book aside from the poor payoff. Esperanza Piņiero's death is a terrible loss even if it was one I saw coming a mile away. After killing Jasminder and Esperanza, I fear who Mack will kill in The Body Electric!

While I know this isn't a fair judgment of the book, but I wish we had seen more of Data's hunt for Akharin instead of this major detour. While I'm certain The Fellowship of the Artificial Intelligence killed Hilar Tohm (although I initially thought Akharin was responsible) and will be followed up on, I wanted more of Data's journey. I was thrilled by the epilogue and pleasantly shocked that the Fellowship kidnapped Akharin although I can't see why they would.
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