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Open-mindedness to fabrication, lies, wishful thinking and rumor is crap.

Open-mindedness in the face of real evidence is a virtue.
the infamous cat box image means nothing to me. this was even talked ab out o nthe news that day and a msnbc poll found more people than not believed the face is real and this was found to be a photoshop in itself plus it seems JPL, run by the infamous Mike Mallen himself, waiting just right for a hazy day on Mars, bad sun angle, turned the pictures completely around, and used a filter to make only certain things show, and adding shadows bunch of photoshop geeks were able to see through this....also, since 1992, we get no real live's all on delay and an embargo is made so that all info has to be approved by the top dogs before an of it is shown, it was not like that prior to 1992....that's a censorship if ever I saw one ....though why I am even telling you this is beyond me, since you won't bother to listen, anyhow. And with Brookings, NASA's and JPL's own Prime Directive, as well as NASA being of the military (read the charter if you don't believe me), and I trust the military as much as I have in government, and I quit voting 6 years ago. Besides, you're the guy who said if you were in charge, you'd prosecute guys like Van Daniken and others for distributing their, taking any advise or 'wisdom' from your, my friend, is like having the authorities during the times of Galileo and Copernicus, or Spain's inquisition of "heretics". So, the catbox you posted is not a convincing proof. You see, the side I am on is not the only one who has to have proof, you do as well, and the catbox is not proof.

Oh, we've asked. And the only answer that doesn't involve preposterous assumptions is, "Not enough evidence; get back to me if you find anything."

There's no harm in continuing to look for evidence, but it is harmful to try to convince everyone that it's true when you have no proof.
you forget something that hardcore skeptics and debunkers alike always say:

1: Oh, look, ANOTHER grainy, blurry image/video....FAKE!
2: ~With a good video or image~ Gimme a break, this is too well done, it's all clean and looks waaay to good to be real.....FAKE!

You'll need to be specific to what evidence will be enough to change your decision, since many skeptics and debunkers say they want proof but never say exactly what. It's a two way game.

So, I could post reams of notes, findings.....I could be standing in the middle of time square, butt naked, with 2 real live aliens next to me and all that, but those folks won't believe anything unless suddenly Obama or some other authority figure (ironic we keep calling the, liars, except for this area....a bit odd, I think) comes on TV and says, "My fellow Americans, we are not alone"
The meaning of the apocalypse is the opposite of what most people think. It does not mean the end of the world; it means the revealing of hidden secrets and the beginning of a heaven on earth. The apocalypse is starting now.
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