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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

I read that the murdered mom was "struggling" with her difficult son. It made me immediately think of other single parents I've known (not saying it's only single parents, just those are the ones I've known of) who have 20 something sons living at home, barely or not working, hostile, maybe substance abusing, aggressive, sometimes with clear mental health issues, refusing any intervention or offers of help. I've known a few people who were hostages in their own home because of this kind of thing. You can't just throw a son out because their problems are so serious they are unemployable but they make your life a living hell.. but not hell enough to get any outside intervention.

There are a lot of ticking time bombs out there who are going to hurt themselves or their families or strangers and who's loved ones can't find any solutions for. What do you get told, "make" him go to this psychiatrist which you can't afford, make him go on meds which you also can't afford, make him go to this 12 step group.. and in the end you cannot make them do anything.

Society relies on the family to care for people who have serious issues and there is no back up or professional help for those families. What do you do when you know something is seriously wrong but there is no avenue to fix it?

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