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Re: Rush to be Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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Here is an interesting "opposing" article, which came out before the HOF decision. A reviewer who doesn't like Rush goes to see Rush live:,423523.story
"Rush makes rock music, too, that's stripped of nearly all of its blues influence, and rock without blues is like fat without the steak."

And again, we hear from a critic with no understanding of musical structure, or musical concepts. If it isn't a simple repetitive twelve bar form, it is beyond his ability to comprehend. There is tremendous "blues" influence in the music of Rush, but it's not encased in a simple paint by numbers format. It requires a developed ear able to perceive of more complex structures than are present in traditional blues. I almost fell out of my chair when he noted the influence of YYZ as a precursor to the "speed metal" of Metallica, as if Lars Ulrich possesses the chops to play 4 beats in a row at one tempo.

Seriously, a concert review by a critic with limited at best understanding of music form and structure, and he's explaining why he doesn't "get" Rush. Rock music would be the same if they never existed? OK, even if that's true, what's your argument for Metallica, ABBA, Guns and Roses, and Donna Summer. None of these groups left a genre changing legacy even close to the impact of Rush.

'nuf said.
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