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Re: Trek Art FAQ - Rough Draft - Review and Comment

Posted by MrFrans:
Posted by Randomperson:
To pose a quick question, something which I was reminded of by some of the above comments; what exactly is the rule on CGI nudity? For instance, say I was designing a Female Starfleet Officer to be accurate from toe to hair and I wished to post WIPs which show her totally nude in order to garner opinions, would this be allowable? Because I've don't think I've ever seen a black and white ruling on this. It's not likely to ever effect me, but I'd still like to know...
Well maybe you could post only a link to the wip, and put a big parental warning above it. That way you will be sure every kid on this board will visit your site.

Btw, I would suggest to also put a list of 3D_Software/Tutorials links in the faq.

Or dont put pancake sized nippels on it
I dont think that having a nude 3D model with the lack of feateurs (I.e. look at a barbie doll) would be bad. On uniform skin color would be accecptable IMHO, but then again Im not a mod.
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