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We saw him fencing earlier, so we already knew that this guy liked old timey weapons.
That was a good start, but it's still not the same as showing him being able to be the kind of fighter and archer that can best Arrow.
Well we really nothing of Malcolm MERYLN on the show yet. So its not like this contradicts anything! He is based on the comic character whose sole role is to be an equal to Oliver. So I am sure that will be part of his back story on the show.

We now know that Oliver ending up on that specific Island was no accident. It was a prison. Malcolm must of had connections there. Perhaps he was trained by the same man as Oliver Queen was?
What we've seen of Malcolm doesn't contradict anything, yet what we have seen of him doesn't bolster that he can fight Oliver to a standstill or best him either. Also I think that Malcolm's role on the show, from his stated perspective, is to do much more than simply be Oliver's equal. For one, he wants to be better than Oliver and perhaps is testing himself against him, and thus far won round one. Second, he has a much bigger plan in store for Starling City that goes beyond tangling with the Arrow.

We don't know yet what his backstory will be, or even if he will get one, so I'll just wait and see if we do get those scenes to show why he this lethal fighter. We know he has a murderous mind, but I would like to see how he got those murderous moves.
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