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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

On 48fps:
I was largely a supporter of it going into the movie, because the criticisms I read sometimes seemed contradictory (it's too real to the point its realness becomes fake). While it may have a point that heightened reality will only show the artifice of the film, I didn't think that was much of an argument against 48ps as a process and more that special effects would just have to get better to keep up with it.

But having actually seen it?

It was noticably jumpy in a number of scenes with movement, as if the projector was playing them slightly too fast. When it happened - which was like four or five times during the movie - it was pretty obvious and pretty distracting. Other than that I had no problems with it or the 3D, Unexpected Journey largely succeeded as spectacle (perhaps less 'woah' moments than Avatar, which I'm also going to go ahead and say was the better film overall). At no point however did the 48fps take me out of the fiction the film had generated via costuming, sets, miniatures, CGI and the like. Not that everything was convincing, but the problems were more your typical 'oh, that's clearly CGI' and less 'hah, I can see the seams in Gandalf's fake nose!'

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PJ's Denham is not one who'll go back to Skull Island to find Kong's son out of guilt,
With the right box office numbers, he would have.
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