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Ian Keldon
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Re: The Hall of Forgotten Fanac: The James Dixon Collection

I respected (and respect) Dixon for his effort and his stick-to-it-iveness (he himself might call it "integrity").

BUT, he I agree with everyone else that he was a total frak-head and pushed more people away (FAR more people) with his rigidity than he ever drew closer.

I think his worst failing was his inability to credit that sometimes in canons, things get changed.

A good example of this is his excoriating of Shane Johnson for Mr Scott's Guide.

As was said repeatedly for years (and even by Shane himself in an interview with Karen Joseph), he used the sources he was TOLD to use (FASA, etc), and ran things like a Transwarp-equipped Enterprise past the office before he wrote it in. (I can only imagine how utterly pissed he'd be that Shane got the go-ahead for it from Okuda...)
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